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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Farewell to 2015

I had a list........ a list of all the patterns I was going to write in 2015 - a very long list!     It was a meticulously planned list prioritizing patterns by percentage completed and how long it would take me to finish each of my more than sixty patterns.

Of course, life never goes according to plan, does it??

2015 was a tough year, with death and illness menacingly lurking in the shadows, waiting to derail our happiness and health.  Although I crocheted prolifically throughout the year, I only managed to complete writing a few of the patterns I had planned to publish.    

Old fashioned "granny" crochet is wonderfully rhythmic and soothing and the double crochet stripe features in most of my 2015 projects.   Some "hookers" enjoy a crochet challenge when stressed out.  I prefer something really simple that not only brings a sense of calm to my being,  but also uses up all the odds and ends in the yarn stash.     The end product is something truly comforting, like hot tea or a thick winter soup!!

The weather in Johannesburg has been unbearably, scorching HOT  Chores have to be done before 7 in the morning - after that it is just too HOT to function! 

Crocheting is limited to small cotton projects like a set of place mats and a circular cloth in a mix of Elle Cotton On and Raeesah Cotton: 

crochet place mats

I never quite understood the craze for crochet face (wash) cloths, until a friend of mine recently gifted me with a knitted cloth and a handmade soap.    Oh wow!    So luxurious!  

Of course they are ridiculously easy to make - just pick a stitch with a bit of texture and make a square!   

These two were made using the v-stitch variation used for my RALLY SCARF

crochet wash cloth

The pattern for the PINWHEEL FLOWERS (my very last pattern for 2015) can be found HERE

These two using a mesh type stitch (and a "what was I thinking?" colour combination):

crochet wash cloth

Three using a granny stripe:

crochet wash cloth
And this one using a diamond stitch stripe:

crochet wash cloth

The pattern for the Hibiscus Flower can be found HERE

Put to the vote, the Diamond Stitch cloths (my very first pattern for 2016) were the favourite!  

crochet wash cloth

To say that 2015 has left me "shell-shocked" and slightly devasted would be an understatement.   I am stepping softly and quietly into the new year - no fanfare, and my only resolution being to take one day at a time!   

Farewell 2015!


  1. Its been a great year getting to know you better and you have brightened my year up so much . Thank you for all your help and patience xxx

  2. Here's to a wonderful 2016! Thank you for your warmth and always cute blogs and your patterns. Continue to hang in there - 2015 has been a challenge for a lot of us, but if you keep your chin up and keep smiling, nothing can put you down. I am with you on the "when stressed, keep it simple" idea. The patterns posted above will help me and I am sure others with that. Thank you again & Happy New Year!

  3. ❤❤❤ beautiful and may your year be an easier one.....

  4. One day at a time is the very best way in all circumstances I find. I love your face cloths and have a soft spot for your V-stitch variation.
    May you enter this new year gently!

  5. Happy New Year, I hope that 2016 will be a better one for all of us. :) xx

  6. Hi I've just found your blog it is so inspirational.
    I love the face cloths i will have to make them. I had the same opinion as you about them.
    Have a happy new year.

  7. I love reading your blog. It is one of my way to get out of problems and worries.
    Taking one day at a time is exactly what I'm striving to do and I wish you a much better new year for you and for your loved ones.

  8. To wonderful Zelna.
    You have shared wonderful patterns this year and stories to go with them. However the BEST 'pattern' that you gave me was the one filled with history and love - the blankets that you made out of your dear mothers stash as a tribute to her. Every time I look at my odd balls of yarn and wool and cottons I think of that post and the simply beautiful blankets that you made with them. Colours singing together with a thread of love carried along.
    Thank you

  9. Sorry you've had a bad year, my nightmare is continuing into this year too! I have a question, I have just one skein of beautiful hand died yarn, Marino wool, 200m, probably a a silly question but could I even attempt your RTS with it?